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Proceeds go to the social bitcoin project Ekasi in South Africa.

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We are starting with a small collection of Pocket fan articles and are looking forward to developing new designs and further products in the future.

Our merchandise is not only intended to please our customers, but also to introduce other people to the Bitcoin world and open new doors. To make this possible, we donate our entire profit share to the bitcoin project «Ekasi» in South Africa.

Support Bitcoin Ekasi

Bitcoin Ekasi is an extension of the non-profit organisation «The Surfer Kids» and was inspired by the «Bitcoin Beach» project in El Salvador. The non-profit organisation was founded in 2010 and is 100% donation-based.

«The Surfer Kids» aims to empower marginalised and impoverished youth through character-building activities that instil commitment and dedication. The Surfer Kids programme runs throughout the year and is led by coaches from the same communities.

Bitcoin Ekasi was launched in 2021 and aims to simultaneously create an entire Bitcoin ecosystem. The majority of local people do not have access to bank accounts and local businesses do not have funds for the financial infrastructure required to accept credit card payments.

So the Bitcoin Ekasi project pays out the surf camp team's salaries in Bitcoin while ensuring that local businesses accept Bitcoin as a means of payment. This enables trainers to pay for everyday goods, such as food, in Bitcoin and simultaneously creates an active Bitcoin circular economy within the community.

More about Bitcoin Ekasi

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