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26 February, 2021
Pocket Bitcoin
24 February, 2021
CHF 50
+ 0.001 BTC
19 February, 2021
CHF 17

Pocket exchanges your bank payments automatically into bitcoin. The bitcoin are then sent directly into your own Bitcoin wallet.

Choose your preferred Bitcoin wallet

Your bitcoin are paid out to your own Bitcoin wallet for self-custody. Pocket supports you in choosing and setting up a Bitcoin wallet that suits you best.

Let Pocket excite you

  • Easy

    Start right away without having to sign in or register.

  • Secure

    Receive any purchased bitcoin directly into the wallet of your choice.

  • Guided

    Get support while buying and holding your bitcoin.

Why Bitcoin?

Like gold, just digital. Bitcoin exists since 2009 and is limited to 21 million units only. Its scarcity is one of the many characteristics that make this asset interesting to people all around the globe.

Start your Bitcoin journey now

In only a couple of minutes you can start purchasing bitcoin directly into your own wallet. It's up to you whether you want to buy once or regularly.