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Instructions how to set up the Coldcard with the XPub

This is an additional specific instruction to set up your Coldcard with XPub. The full instructions on how to set up the hardware wallet with Pocket can be found here

Pocket is popular for recurring bitcoin purchases. Once you set up Pocket, you can reuse your payment details at will to receive bitcoin again into your desired wallet.

In this case, so that we don't always have to pay out your bitcoin to the same bitcoin address, we recommend that you share multiple bitcoin addresses with Pocket at once using your public extended key (XPub)

To do this, click on the option to share your entire wallet with Pocket.

Screenshot of the Pocket website with the option to share your entire wallet with Pocket

To query your XPub, you can export your wallet on your Coldcard via Advanced/Tools -> File Management -> Export Wallet.

Coldcard menu to wallet export function

When exporting your wallet, select the Generic JSON option and next specify the same account number you used in your derivation path. Make sure that you create a separate account for Pocket. We recommend you to use the account number 1 here.

Coldcard menu for JSON export of a specific wallet account

Once you have exported your XPub to the file coldcard-export.json, you can now copy the xpub from it to the Pocket website. Click on the confirm button.

Copy screen capture of Pocket Website XPub into field

With each bitcoin purchase, your bitcoin will now automatically land on a respective unused bitcoin address of your Coldcard wallet.

Screenshot of the Pocket website with the successfully shared bitcoin wallet addresses

Here you can find the further process how to set up the coldcard with Pocket.

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