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Pocket Bitcoin

Referral program

Help your friends stack their sats in the best way possible and get rewarded for it.

Give away €5.00 in bitcoin using your referral code.

Earn 21% of the service fees referred to Pocket.

Get paid out every month directly into your bitcoin wallet.

What is the referral program?

We have developed our exclusive referral program for true bitcoin enthusiasts like you. Spread your love for bitcoin, share it with family, friends and acquaintances and earn bitcoin in the process.

You earn 21% of all fees of your referred transaction volume.1

1 from referrals for one year

Your friends receive €5.00 in bitcoin as a gift.2

2 as soon as bitcoin worth €500.00 has been purchased


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Generate your code and earn bitcoin

You can find your personal referral code in the Pocket app. In the app, you can track which reward you are entitled to at any time and your reward will also be paid out to you directly in the Pocket app.

Get started now

Are you ready to get started? Share your referral code now, give away limited sats at the same time and contribute to the adoption of bitcoin.


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