Staging Environment

The staging environment is a controlled testing environment that closely resembles the production environment but is fully isolated from it.

It utilizes the Bitcoin Testnet3 network, allowing you to test your integration without issuing real payments.

Base URL

The staging API is available through the following URL.

All resources, webhooks and content types are the same as on production. For authentication use your dedicated staging environment client_id secret.

Testing specific scenarios

When creating an order through our API on the staging environment, you have the option to use predefined IBAN numbers to simulate various real world scenarios. This feature allows you independently test your integration without issuing real payments.

Predefined IBANs

paymentDK1125112511251125Use for simulating an incoming 10 euro cent payment.
refundDK2225222522252225Use for simulating the refund of an incoming 1001 euro payment.

The following lightning order creation request passes DK1125112511251125 as debtor_iban to trigger the payment scenario.

POST /v1/orders
"active": true,
"fee_rate": 0.03,
"payment_method": {
"currency": "chf",
"debitor_iban": "DK1125112511251125"
"payout_method": {
"node_pubkey": "0304cffd5a6cf882f00fed2fd7d9084bd140a45b43a6407f36efc355c3ded235a8",
"message": "I confirm my lightning wallet. [7v7t4Fmb]",
"signature": "dhsnmm4e53p8opnkho1icm3im8mpq4ct6qm89ktwe6597myswmg34fbya53z77zk4rt7z7ere44idcm3uy8imtdgxjri899xwp1k58sa"

The scenario is initiated immediately after the order is created.

Important note

Within the staging environment, you'll find our testnet lightning node with the following address.

The node allows you to settle exchanges by providing a testnet lightning invoice. Plus, you can test all lightning-related error scenarios.


Incoming fiat payments for bitcoin on-chain payout methods will not be settled since the staging environment lacks an automated payout process.


If you need further assistance or require to test different scenarios, please reach out to our support team.