Pocket and lipa collaborate

Revolutionizing Bitcoin Transactions: Pocket Bitcoin & lipa Collaborate

Welcome to the future of seamless bitcoin transactions! We are excited to announce our new partnership with lipa, a Swiss-based Lightning payments platform for merchants and consumers alike, that is set to transform the way users engage with bitcoin.

lipa leverages Pocket’s Lightning-enabled API to enable their users to top-up their Lightning wallet in a matter of minutes

Instant Lightning Top-Ups

Thanks to the seamless integration between the upcoming lipa app and Pocket’s service, lipa can provide an exceptional experience for buying bitcoin into their app.

lipa general overview and map screen
lipa general overview and map screen in the lipa app

With the lipa app, users will experience great convenience in purchasing Bitcoin. Within the app, personal payment details are readily available, facilitating a streamlined process for buying bitcoin with a simple bank payment and receiving them right in the app. Once acquired, these funds become instantly accessible for transactions at lipa-enabled merchants or any other place that accepts bitcoin.

lipa payment details screen next to collecting payment screen
payment details screen next to collecting payment screen in the lipa app

Enabled by Pocket’s Lightning API

At the core of this integration lies Pocket’s Lightning-enabled API. A one of a kind API that enables the integration of bitcoin purchases tightly into any app.

lipa provides their merchant and Lightning liquidity services and can simply leverage Pockets infrastructure to process the purchase of bitcoin, utilizing the API to create user-specific orders. Pocket’s real-time notifications promptly alert lipa of any purchases, ensuring swift transfer of funds to the user's lipa wallet.

Want to Build on the Pocket API?

Excited about this innovation? You can be a part of this revolution too! The Pocket API offers a gateway to leverage fiat payment rails, lightning-fast transaction processing, and robust bitcoin infrastructure for onboarding and offboarding users into the bitcoin realm. Moreover, integrators can monetize their projects through this versatile API.

Do you already have an idea for your own product that could make use of the Pocket Bitcoin API or do you just want to try out the API?

Dive into the potential of the Pocket API! Explore our Developer’s Page for more information and feel free to reach out with any inquiries. Let’s collaborate and redefine the future of Bitcoin transactions together!

This partnership between Pocket Bitcoin and lipa signifies a significant step towards the widespread adoption and seamless integration of bitcoin into everyday transactions. Join us in embracing this innovative approach to financial interactions!


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