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New EU bank connection with SEPA Instant

Since our launch in June 2021, we've been serving our customers through our Swiss bank. Today, we're pleased to announce that we've acquired a new EU-based banking partner, Olkypay from Luxembourg.

Connecting Europe to Pocket

We've already been well connected to Europe with our existing bank in Switzerland. However, we've witnessed an increase in reports from our users who were unexpectedly charged for bank payments outside of the EU.

Some of these banks demand up to €13 per transaction for payments to Switzerland. With our new bank account in Luxembourg we alleviate this problem. All our European bitcoin-stackers should now be able to send bank payments via SEPA transfers to Pocket at no cost.

Hello Europe, here we come! 🇪🇺

Instant Payments

Our new bank account supports instant payments!

It does so via TIPS (TARGET Instant Payment Settlement) as this is the new standard that the European Central Bank (ECB) wants all participating banks and payment providers to support.

Whether your bank already supports sending instant payments through TIPS can be found out on the website of the ECB.

→ TIPS participants at ECB

How to use

Our bank account is ready and there are two good reasons why you would want to use it:

  1. Your bank charges you a high fee for payments to Switzerland
  2. Your bank supports instant payments (via TIPS) and you want to buy the dip

If none of these two reasons apply to you, you might not want to switch, since everything should be working fine for you.

Otherwise you can use the following account details with your existing reference number:

IBANLU11 6060 0020 0000 2324

Dependent on your personal bank account, Pocket will automatically present you the best possible bank connection during sign up.


Congratulations! 🥳

Your bank payment arrived and was successfully exchanged into bitcoin.

Your bitcoin are soon on the way to your Bitcoin wallet.

Bitcoin purchase

Bank payment:EUR 100.00

Purchased:BTC 0.00435850

Exchange rate:EUR 22,599.90 / BTC