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Pocket Bitcoin communicates their lightning roadmap

Pocket Lightning Roadmap

With Pocket we offer the easiest way to buy your Bitcoin directly into your wallet. Our goal is to constantly improve our service and make it as easy as possible. That's why we announced Lightning some time ago and pushed Lightning adoption after the recent explosion in bitcoin network fees.

We are now even more pleased that we were able to start the test phase of the Phoenix top-up service a few days ago and that it is now possible to buy bitcoin with Pocket via Lightning. As a result, we would like to share our Lightning roadmap with you and give you an insight into what innovations are in store for the near future.

Planned Lightning implementations

Our motto is: Lightning all the way! We're already working hard on different ways you can top up your Lightning wallet using Pocket. Our roadmap looks like this:

  1. Coming soon: Phoenix top-up for all

    The test phase of our Phoenix top-up service has already started. The new functionality will soon be available for everyone. You can easily top up your Phoenix wallet with Sats via Pocket and spend them at the next Bitcoin conference.

  2. Q3 / Summer: Own Node, with Channel Open Service

    In the course of this summer we will also enable payouts to other Lightning wallets as well as to your own Lightning node. If you lack the necessary Lightning channel, we will open one for you for a small fee.

  3. Pocket App Lightning Integration

    The Bitkipi app will be rebranded as the Pocket app very soon. In addition, we are already preparing the app to implement Lightning. In early 2024, you will be able to use Lightning directly from the Pocket App.

Regular bitcoin purchases via Lightning

Lightning and other Layer 2 solutions are particularly suitable for microtransactions, which is why they compare well with the physical exchange of money. Therefore, it only makes limited sense to stack larger sums via Lightning.

If you want to buy Bitcoin via Lightning, you should always be aware of the risks. For example, Lightning wallets and nodes may still have security vulnerabilities, which could result in the loss of your Bitcoin. It is also important that you take care of channel management and that your wallet has inbound liquidity. This way, you can avoid the opening of an infinite number of new channels and don't have to pay additional opening fees.

In conclusion, the Lightning service is mainly used to buy small amounts of Bitcoin. For example, if you want to pay for your coffee with Sats at the next Bitcoin conference.

More Lightning News

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