Pocket says farewell to the app and the Bitkipi brand

Bitkipi becomes the Pocket app

In April last year, we were delighted to add the bitcoin wallet app Bitkipi to our family. Bitkipi formed the basis for the newly published Pocket app.

Now that the Pocket app is available on iOS and Android, it replaces Bitkipi. Bitkipi is no longer available in the app stores and we are saying goodbye to the app and the Bitkipi brand. 👋

Switch from Bitkipi to the Pocket app now

If you have been using the Bitkipi app, now is the time to download the Pocket app. Bitkipi will no longer be updated and support will be discontinued in the coming months.

The transition from Bitkipi to Pocket may seem daunting at first, but rest assured, it's a change for the better. The Pocket app retains all the functionalities that users loved in Bitkipi while introducing several improvements and new features.

Outlook: Here's what you can expect

Several enhancements and improvements are already planned. The following functionalities are sure to follow soon:

🎁 Referral codes: Generate your personal referral code, recommend Pocket to others and benefit from 21 % of the fees of referred bitcoin purchases.

💸 Sell bitcoin: Soon you will be able to sell your bitcoin directly in the Pocket app. Until then, you can already sell your bitcoin via our website.

⚡️ Lightning (delayed): The integration of a Lightning wallet is currently not a priority. However, we already have a Lightning top-up service, which you can use to top up your Lightning wallet with satoshis.

Seamless transition process

Switching from Bitkipi to Pocket is easier than you might think. You can seamlessly migrate your accounts and wallet data to the new Pocket app with just a few clicks.

For detailed information and additional support, we've prepared a guide that will take you through the switch to the Pocket app step by step with pictures. If you still encounter problems, do not hesitate to contact our support.

Say goodbye to the old and hello to the new - download the Pocket app today and embark on a journey to seamless, secure and efficient Bitcoin management.

Join us on this exciting journey

The launch of the Pocket app marks the beginning of a new, promising chapter for Pocket Bitcoin and our community. Together, we're shaping the future of Bitcoin, one innovation at a time. Join us on this journey and experience the convenience and security of the new Pocket app. Farewell, Bitkipi - hello, Pocket Bitcoin!

Try it now

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